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Radiant Defense Strategy Guide

Radiant Defense Strategy Guide

The concepts of strategy and tactics elude our alien enemies. They are driven by hunger, blind rage and a simple urge to push forward, no matter the cost. Even so, defending humanity against their infinite multitude is an overwhelming task. As mindless as our enemies are, they know no fear, they never retreat and they … Continue reading

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  • RT @Game_Stick: Neon mazing, trail blazing, do not play at a [10]. @hexage's Evac is action packed with stealthy traps and 32 maps. http://… 5 hours ago
  • @Mik0ri There is no longer any difference between HD and non-HD versions. The HD versions have been released for tablets years back. 2 days ago
  • @wwjoshdew Radiant Defense has been released for Fire TV last week. You can use the right thumbstick to scroll the view if needed. 2 days ago

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